Hevna boasts people of every color, mood, creed, and stripe, and some of them are even recurring.
As my works make their way out into the world, this section will grow with a parade of people that have appeared in my writing and a little bit about them.

Don’t worry though – all entries will remain spoiler free.
Want to know when the next character is announced? Keep an eye on my Twitter!

I have concept art for some of my characters. Beyond the fact I am certainly not an expert artist, the pieces are made in photoshop using free brushes. If you see something used here without due credit, or any other issue, please do contact me to rectify the situation! Thank-you!


People of Hevna

Leona – Book: Aether’s Source, Home Country: Arlatene, Occupation: Priest/Weaver
Leona Toll is an orphan, raised within the Cathedral of the Seven Guiding Lights. Mentored by Grand Magus Clarence Ruthersford, Leona is a powerful Weaver specializing in active effects with a fondness for fire.
A true believer in the Lights, Leona spent her young life aspiring to join the King’s Reiden Corps, however, her life changes after meeting the thief, Kez… as does her appearance.

Kez – Book: Aether’s Source, Home Country: Rasaal, Occupation: Thief
Kez, real name withheld, has had a storied history. Once the younger brother in a happy family, Kez has since left his home and spent about six years traveling Wessenland, Duntilik, and Arlatene all in service to some personal goal.
A skilled thief, in no small part due to the aid of his pet ferret, Merl, Kez’s greatest heist attempt lands him in serious trouble with Arlatene’s nobility. As a result, Kez has picked up quite the sideline in both teaching, and supporting the sheltered Leona in a journey across northern Hevna.

Verind – Book: Libramoor Short, Home Country: Wessenland, Occupation: Libramoor.
Verind, formerly ‘The Boy’, is one of many dedicated workers attached to the Floating Library of Wessenland. Like many, Verind was taken from the poor house at a young age to train in a skill, and after proving to be both intelligent and strong in his Weaving, he was chosen to travel to the prestigious home of knowledge to become a protector of the delicate and aged works housed in its walls.
Verind may have become a powerful active Weaver, but his training has instead turned his skills far more towards detecting subtle changes in the papers he protects, as well as managing local wildlife. After many years of training under the stern gaze of Master Sendik, Verind is now the teacher in charge, even if he wishes he wasn’t.
Read his story here.

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