Welcome to the world of Hevna!

Below and on the pages following one may find a veritable compendium of information about this unique world and its inhabitants, and the ‘magic’ that accompanies them and their stories.



Introduction – A short overview of some of Hevna’s basic information and position in the universe.

Aether¬†– A brief discourse on the introduction of magic to the world of Hevna, as well as information on the Storms that dominate Hevna’s surface.

Weaving – Information on how Aether is used by the Weavers of Hevna, and the Attunement Arts they specialize in.

Technology¬†– Detail on some of Hevna’s technologies and scientific understanding, from the burgeoning industrial revolution to aether powered wonders.

Races of Men – Descriptions of the major cultures and creeds of Men on Hevna’s surface

The Nagu – A brief look at the different species of Nagu living on Hevna and their unique genetics.

Nososphores – What knowledge is known about the aether nullifying and somewhat cannibalistic species that cohabit on Hevna with the more well-known species.

Nations – Detailed information on the various countries and nations that make up the world of Hevna. Includes maps!

Religions РInformation on the pantheons and practices followed across Hevna, past and present.

Calendar – A brief look at the year structure of Hevna, and some of its most important dates and events.

Locales – Detailed descriptions of some of Hevna’s more special and noteworthy locations.

Characters – Biographies on some of Hevna’s most prominent figures.

Creatures – Facts about some of the unique creatures of Hevna’s many biomes.

Other – Diseases, drugs, legends and more!