Short Stories

Dive straight into Hevna’s varying depths with a short text!

The content below comes in two forms – finished short stories detailing the smaller adventures of some of Hevna’s populace, and excerpts cut from my larger works.

For the ‘shorts’, I personally suggest you read them in the order posted if you are not familiar with the setting for clarity, however, each story is self-enclosed and can technically be enjoyed in any order.

Excerpts that are taken from works in progress, however, are more likely to contain lesser prose (having not been fully edited), and may contain a lack of context in some cases.


Libramoor – Verind, of the Wessenland Floating Library, has never thought of himself as a teacher… but now he has to choose between three orphans for a place at the prestigious hub of Hevnan knowledge. How do you choose the fate of three young teens, knowing the ‘loser’ will have to return to the poorhouse?

Archaeon – Coming Soon! Adelinde Horn, reporter, is in a rut with her work when the chance to go to Nyret to report on a find brings her into unexpected contact with royalty. Seeing the world through new eyes, Adelinde has a choice to make, but either way, life will change.


Healer – Cut from Aether’s Source. Leona’s introduction to the story has been through several iterations, including this now-discarded version. Here, our first look at the young priestess is as a healer inside the Cathedral, dealing with another case of papaver addiction.

Bastion – Cut from Aether’s Source. Originally, Leona would have traveled to the continent of Nostalia in her adventures with Kez and sought an audience with The Lady, leader of the Nososphores. This excerpt follows her progress across the Snowflats, and some of the phenomena therein.

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