Other Projects


While Hevna is certainly my biggest and most expansive project, it is of course not the only thing I work on.
I like many topics and themes, as well as drawing as well as writing (though I do not claim to be any more professional there), and sometimes that’s where my time goes.

Below are some of the other things I have worked on, in a variety of roles.

Free-Form Role Play Elements

I am very keen on tabletop role-playing games and in more free form collaborative role-playing on either forums or certain servers.
Below are some of the elements I have generated for this hobby:

Dark Market File – One of the places I roleplay is a setting being built by its players as the story progresses. Part of the established setting that had yet to be fleshed out was an underground market of illicit goods and services, set in a fantasy realm.
I was allowed to work on the fleshing out of the original ideas, and this is the result!
Plans currently exist for the content to also be used in a Pathfinder game in the future.

Mawnhold Town – A part of the same free form setting mentioned above, I run a series of threads based around a generated town, including mapping the location and incorporating the creativity of others ‘living’ in the same location.

DeSeer Mansion – Another location detailed and mapped for Crossroad Realms.


I am not an expert artist, under any circumstance, but occasionally generate images for friends, usually for visual representation for their characters in various settings and written works.

Farewell Barebones – Genasi cleric currently being played in a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition game over at Chaotic Neutral Games.

Anise Silverclaw – Freeform character playing in the Crossroad Realms server.