Current Work

Tales of Hevna has always been designed to feature a series of stories on the same world – namely, Hevna.
This page will tell you a little bit about the current status of various projects in the Hevna universe, and what to expect in the future.

The Meaning of Power Trilogy
(Read the Prologue!)

For Princess Anka Colel, seventh in line for the Throne of Rasaal, the Imperial City is nothing but a dilapidated death trap, especially while she’s surrounded by her murderous kin.
Still, her mother died this morning, and no one else seems to care that the long-dormant Mount Akal is beyond overdue to erupt, or that the nations to Rasaal’s north seem to be eyeing the lush jungle with hungry eyes. It seems like the perfect time for a coup.
True, it will take some careful alliances if she is ever going to reconcile the kingdom of Men with the Nagu tribes, not to mention fix the economy, but with a vocal gift and a little subterfuge, there has never been a better or more desperate time to take the crown.

For the Nagu Sarus, crowns are the last thing he wants. Due to inherit leadership of his people when his father steps down, Sarus cannot help but dwell on the fact his younger sister is by far the better diplomat. 
Struggling to find his place in the insular Kiyonagan society and deal with his own hatred of the Men that claim the jungle to be their own, a tipping point drives Sarus to a decision that just might change his own life, and that of every single Nagu in Rasaal… for better, or for worse.

Swept up in a time of change, both Anka and Sarus must find their place in the world, and discover the true meaning of ‘power’ before Rasaal falls.

Aether’s Source

The Kingdom of Arlatene. Rich, powerful, and the source of the cheapest Magus Globes on Hevna. Jewel of the Imyran North. Home to the elite Reiden Corps of King Sigmund Ruthersford. The seat of the Church of the Seven Guiding Lights.

And home to the orphan Leona. An aspiring Weaver, Leona wants nothing more than to fulfill her childhood ambition to join the Reiden Corps, and attain some status in her life she has sorely been lacking. Star pupil of the Grand Magus himself, Leona’s only hold-up is her age, but if she can just hold on for another year or two, she’ll have everything she’s ever wanted.

For the thief Kez, Arlatene is anything but welcoming. It’s cold, dark, smokey and oppressive. It’s also the last place he wants to be since they intend to hang him in the morning, yet that somehow isn’t the worst thing that could happen to him. In the course of a night, his hopes have already been turned upside down, and unless he can perform a miracle fast, not only will he be buried in an unmarked grave, but a terrible secret may just pass unnoticed in the night, and the world will never be the same again…

Together, Kez and Leona will need to travel across Hevna’s rich tapestry of people and places, in a wave of aether, steam, and adventure, if they have any hope of winning a battle for more than life and limb, but the soul as well.


1 thought on “Current Work”

  1. Really like the details of the range of books being worked on and where the current progress is. The descriptions have really whetted my appetite to read more and I look forward to you progressing and releasing completed works as soon as possible.


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