Leanne P. French

Aspiring writer, unapologetic nerd, and unofficial military wrangler.

Born Leanne Phallon Sands (on June 27th, 1983), I am now the proud owner of the married name of ‘French’ and am an aspiring fantasy writer. Primarily, my works concern the Steam Fantasy setting of Hevna.

The setting follows a series of different protagonists across its vast world space, handling topics close to my heart, such as adventure, exploration, knowing yourself, changing, and making the hard decisions, for a better future.


I was born in the unheard of town of Taplow in England, however, I spent most of my youth in Maidenhead and Bracknell in Berkshire, with the eternal encouragement of my mother, Lorraine. I was educated in basic understanding at Waltham St. Lawrence Primary, in teenage angst at Garth Hill Secondary, and finally in making my own choices at Henley College. It would not be until an apprenticeship and some subsequent years of dating that I learned about choices and mistakes.

I graduated from the Bracknell and Wokingham College with qualifications in childcare, expanded my work with the human race into health and safety and disability care, before finishing my time in the UK at a theme park, because the education system and I both needed an amicable break from each other. It was around this time I married my long-suffering husband, James, and emigrated to the USA.

After a brief reacquaintance with the education system in Virginia for a year, teaching science, I moved to Florida with my husband so he could defy physics by learning to fly helicopters, which I chose to defy all good sense by beginning work on Hevna.

I now live in the stunning wilds of the Pacific North West, on a little island close enough to Canada to practice my apologizing skills with other professionals; and write and create when I am not outdoors busy fighting mother nature in my yard.

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