World Building


Just a short post today to talk about something I have found most enjoyable lately.

My quest to continue detailing my world continues, slow as usual (7th anniversary this year, and the 4th of those spent without my better half around. Oh well, and goodbye productivity 🙂 ) and that led to flag design.

Mostly I wanted to post today about a very simple line of advice I found extremely good and compelling, which is a rare unicorn indeed as I find a lot of advice out there to be subjective at best, and wrong at worst.

Simply, the advice went thus:
‘When making flags for your fantasy realms, stick to a 2:1 ratio and try to make your flags simple, yet recognizable even if viewed upside down, or back to front’.

Very short and sweet, and genuinely useful. As a result, I made multiple flags in one day, and I have to admit being very pleased with how they turned out, and how different they look, despite the simple designs.


To my own surprise, following this advice has not only turned out well for my purposes, but I can tell which country each of those is from at a glance, which is somewhat shameful as I am nowhere near as competent in doing so for real-world flags and countries.

So! Proof positive I don’t just automatically hate all advice, and a little world building facet I have found extremely useful, especially for its simplicity.
Now if I can just find my motivation again…

4 thoughts on “Flags!”

      1. Nice! I’ve fiddled with Photoshop a bit, but I don’t use it enough to make subscribing fulltime worthwhile. I used this free program called FlagMaker which worked quite well. I had so much fun making my flags!!


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