Other Projects

Well, I said I would be adding an ‘Other Projects’ page, and so I have!

While for now I have added in merely a few things I have been working on in the last six months, it does feel nice to recognize where some of my time has gone in that time, even if only for my own sake.

While Hevna is my primary work, the biggest thing I am ever likely to create once all the things knocking about in my head finally filter their way onto paper/the internet, it’s far from the only things I do.

I’ve mentioned on other occasions how much stock and joy I put in collaborative story-telling, be it free-form role-playing or tabletop games (and anything in between), so while I do not call most of what I make for such things good writing, it’s still worthwhile writing.
Perhaps the item I am proudest of in recent weeks regarding this, though, is this file for the Dark Market in a freeform server.

I really like being allowed to add to a setting, especially where some ideas have yet to be filled out, and that is where this particular file comes from.
Existing as a basic idea in this fantasy setting, the Market was explained to me as ‘a place of illegal goods and services that remains in business because it is always moving location. No one knows who runs it.’
That is both a very vague description and a seedbed for many ideas to grow from all at once. After getting permission to flesh it out further, I took great joy in spending a few days with the very excellent Homebrewery to generate this file of elements, and potential plot points for the future in the setting.
Of course, the file can also be added to and modified for use elsewhere. And it was fun to do.

I hope to keep adding to the Other Projects page as time goes on, especially when I work on my more supernatural inspired stories and art. Perhaps some of it will even be of interest!

I also did some art!



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