World Building

Back to Work!

Wow. Where does the time go?

Well, I’ve been silent for a couple of months on here (months! How?!), but it’s time to bring that to a close.
So where on earth have I been?!

Tree Progression
I’ve been busy, I swear!

A little bit of everywhere, really, at least mentally.
I make no secret of the fact my better half is military, and as with all things to do with the Forces, life can be very up and down.
From moving at the end of last year to just about the furthest point possible from where we started, to settling into a very different culture and community, it’s been an interesting year so far. Especially as my husband is currently deployed.

In the run-up to his gallivanting to the other side of the planet, we had a ton to sort out, very little anticipated leave in which to do it, a death in the family taking up some of that (as it rightly should!), a visit from my mother and then the actual deployment itself, made all the more complicated by my partner leading the charge as advance crew.

To put in shortly: I ran out of spoons. (If you are unfamiliar with Spoon Theory, I strongly recommend reading about it here. I am of the firm view you don’t need a disability to have Spoon Issues.)
Not enough energy left to do all the things I wanted to after such a busy few months, and so much uncertainty. Not to mention, I had a lot to organize that took precedence over my website (though not over my work.)

Border Progression
Behold, the downfall of the raggedy Ent. It did not like being a mullet.

So the last few months have seen me both seeing to all of the above, tending to my much-overgrown garden, and taking some downtime to recover my spoons.
I destroyed a raggedy Ent.
I played Persona 5 (200 hours, and I got the platinum trophy. Well worth it! Great game).
I started a marathon of Kingdom Hearts 3.
I watched Alien.
I lost a fight with my backyard brambles.
I made some new friends and went on long walks around the beautiful scenery where I live.

Path Progression
One of my new friends made it into this picture! She likes apples.

I also continued working quietly on world building content.
On Friday, I finally started uploading some of it. This is going to be an ongoing process, and there is much more for me to still write. Just today I churned out another 5,000 words, this time on the first religion of Hevna.
There are images to make. Descriptions to spellcheck. Pages to create and nest and go loopy over.

But I am back, I’m working, I’m going to be adding an ‘Other Projects’ tab to the header bar soon enough, so I can show off what I am doing on a week by week basis, as I’ve even made some money off my art this month, and created a document for a casual collaborative writing project.

For now, have one more picture of my yard work, I am stupidly proud of how much better my place is currently looking. Now to just get the website as spick and span…

Bush Progression

Hiatus… over!

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