Experiences of Writing


While I may have boasted (a little) on Twitter that the ‘Seattle Snowpocalypse’ hadn’t really been that bad or affected my productivity, seeing as I work from home, that may have ended up being a bit of a mistruth.

While I myself have not be directly affected, the naval presence in the area obviously has. The snow here, while far from desperate on a basic subsistence level, has been way more than enough to make any kind of flying plain dangerous, both in terms of trying to land, or trying to prevent icing on airframes in the sky.
For four days, the little airfield behind my house fell silent, and so too did much of the naval base on Whidbey Island at the start of the week.

It’s always nice when safety is put before commerce, but the military works a bit different, and that time has to be made up. Pilots need their flight hours, planes need their maintenance, preparations for all the comings and goings of men and machines have to keep ticking over.
Thus the routine of our home certainly¬†was broken, and we can look forward to weekends of work between now and the end of March. It’s a pain, but it’s what we signed up for.

The downside is I’m not quite as organized this week as I would like, and while I’m trucking along well with the Compendium, I simply haven’t had the time to think about much beyond it, and yesterday went by in a blur of laundry from about 10am until 7pm. Fun!

Thus, today I am going to take my headache off to have a bath, and leave you all instead with some photos of the terrible snowpocalypse! It’s been extremely beautiful.

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