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Making Progress

Over the last month, I have proudly been proclaiming myself to be well ahead of my schedule at an average of two pages of Compendium work done per day, instead of the 1-per-day I set myself at the start of the year.
I also said I would take weekends off this year, not least of which because I am also running a Shadowrun game on Sundays, and one does not simply run a game like that without prep work:

F1 Newcastle InstituteONE of four floors for a single job my players are running, with doors, windows, and cameras marked on. This is not a fast process, even starting from a pre-drawn blueprint.

With that in mind, I should be at twenty-six pages if I were sticking to my 1-per-day schedule, fifty-two with my particularly enthused work so far this year.
I have, instead, sixty-four pages complete, potentially sixty-eight by the end of today, which would put me at two pages per day, including weekends.

No wonder I’m feeling worn out!
As a result, I intend to spend this week not working on more pages, but tidying up resources like my maps to make them more uniform and appropriate for the Compendium and site redesign, and taking it a bit easier. not to mention, getting some more time in with Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild as we finally bought a Switch this past Christmas, and I am enjoying it immensely.

It does feel good to be making as much progress as I am, though. So here is today’s work before I skive off for the night!


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