World Building

Sort Out Day

One of the most annoying, and best, things to happen about collating this Compendium I’m working through is the holes I keep coming across.

While I’ve been very happy to keep up my daily commitment to tidying up my affairs for a future site redesign and full look into Hevna and everything I’m working on, I think today is going to be the day I have to accept missing my goal.

I have maps from when I first started working on the setting as a whole, and some very clear ideas of what is where in certain countries, and that’s great. However, since I have continued to expand my mapping and detail this year, there are areas I’m finding that don’t match up.
In some cases, this is simple affairs like the rail networks and roads, where they cross from one country into the next. While a pain to fix, this is no big deal beyond the time to mess around in Photoshop, overlaying things on each other until I can correct it.

What has not been so easy, however, is realizing I have not given due consideration for Nagan settlements in my work, and that I now need to color code consistently across all my maps.
This is not so small a fix, and will probably take me the rest of the week to enact, if not longer. There will also need to be changed to the written notes on each nation, to account for its Nagan populace.
It’s a massive pain in the butt, but entirely crucial to doing justice to what I wish to achieve, and oversight that can’t be ignored.


So, today’s post is going to be a brief one, showing Arlatene’s old map versus the new one with care to account for my mistakes… and then back to the grindstone to fix the rest!


Old map:




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