Non-character Art

Among my many many hobbies, most of which feed into what I actually do with my time every day, is a degree of artistry in terms of drawing.

I’m not a professional. I’ve said that a bazillion times, and I know it’s true. I have no formal training, especially after being told at the tender age of 15 that I couldn’t draw – something that definitely put me off ever trying to seek formal instruction ever again.

Nevertheless, I like to think I have a modicum of amateur skill and a junior knowledge of some aesthetics, and thus I draw anyway. It’s just that I do so digitally, and mostly for my own enjoyment.
Most importantly of all, beyond the enjoyment it gives me, I know I have improved in the last fifteen years, and personal betterment is always a good goal.


Same character, 15 years apart. Excuse the ‘shopped couch – it’s a placeholder until I do the background for this piece.

So, with fun to be had, and improvement to be made, I dabble in various character art from time to time, including a recent piece for a buddy’s DnD game. Not as often as I would like, mind, especially as my lovely new tablet has instead been used of late for non-character art.

The Compendium project is coming along beautifully. I’m 22 pages deep in content, 17 of which are completely finished including art and flavor text. And its this kind of art that has been keeping me busy, and let me try something a bit different (and quicker, thankfully).

ward tower

I have never tried to compile an informative work before, or a splat-book to give it a more accurate name, but it’s safe to say I’m really enjoying it, and making little insignificant things like that above, which add to a greater whole.

People who have had early eyes on the thing have been impressed, so hopefully, others will too when it’s finished (or at least close to completion anyway).

Anyway, that’s me for this week, I have tonight to work on my Shadowrun game, then the usual fight to not work over the weekend, and maintain my healthier habits.
Have a good one, folks!

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