Experiences of Writing


It’s been a non-start kind of day.

Since the new year and getting back into my normal routine, I’ve been pretty good about swinging into something approaching a day-to-day rota to follow.
Naturally, this has been hampered by the unexpected (such as my husband coming home at lunchtime each day this week, which makes it a little harder to concentrate on writing), but overall, it’s been going ok.

Today just didn’t want to co-operate though, leading to the time somehow getting to 16.40pm when it was only 11.00am five minutes ago, I swear.
But then it got better.
It’s always delightful to me that one never knows quite where one’s next group of friends might come from. When I picked up a very cash-grabby girly game for mobile phone, on a whim, I had no clue I would find new people to get along with from it.

I only picked the game up because my other mobile games kept advertising it at me, and despite the awful name of said game (which I’m not disclosing here, I like some degree of privacy on certain things), I gave in and took a look. One of the few occasions advertising has worked on me.
To my surprise, not only did I find a game I really enjoy, but I ended up in an association on it, with a Discord server. I joined the Discord aaaand…

I’m old, you guys. So old.

The group contains a majority of late teenagers, in the 17-19 bracket. I’m just about old enough to be their mother, give or take a year. But they are a really lovely bunch of young’uns, very social and pleasant and some of them have some real talents in the various art styles that get shared.
They also seem to think I’m cool/somewhat acceptable and the kind of thing to aim for at my age so they may be insane. I dunno.

Either way, it is this little group that got me off my butt today, after a huge writing discussion with one member of the group. Which brings me to…


I wrote the short story ‘Libramoor’ just over a year ago to give a brief snapshot into one part of my setting.
It’s a self-contained little story that I quite enjoyed creating, coming in at a mere 14k words, and one I have on hand to illustrate what it is I do when asked.

On talking to my young friends today about writing and sharing some stuff around, I realized I had a second round of editing to do, since starting my compendium. For all I had been espousing the benefits of not rushing, letting ideas percolate and refining them over time, I had not yet confronted the downside of this for my own existing work:

When you tighten up and better define certain things in your setting to make a Compendium, you have to make sure your pre-extant work matches.

In the case of Libramoor, this meant change two paragraphs, adding about seven sentences, and generally checking the piece through.
No major changes occurred, the plot is the same, I just had cause to shift a little language around to match my more defined aether descriptions.

The upside to all of this though is definitely that I only had to do that much. Overall, I’m still pleased with Libramoor, it still does the job I wanted it to, and it’s still a fun little read in my opinion.

Sometimes, it’s just good to know you did finish something you are proud of.
Now if I can get some more work done on the Compendium by bedtime…


You can find and read Libramoor by clicking here!

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