2019: Year of the Compendium

Another year, another chance for new starts and projects.

In general, I’m not bad at the new year’s resolutions thing, mostly because I try to keep my aspirations reasonable and achievable. I’m as guilty as most other people though of failing on the exercise front, but I’m hoping this will be the year I manage to overcome on that one.

The biggest resolutions I’d like to see myself succeed at for this year, though, are writing related.
It was always my intention that this site would act as an encyclopedia for everything related to my setting. That goal slowly slid to the wayside through 2018, however, as I worked through a combination of changes in my life and realizations about who I turn to about my writing, and why.

It’s no surprise that a lot of advice and interested parties out there on the world wide web are not necessarily conducive to achieving one’s own goals and that for every one person you might find with genuine intentions, there are five more not so helpful people in the wings.
A lot of sites I have wormed my way through on my journey so far have turned out to be echo chambers, with the driving force being self-interest of everyone involved. This is by no means an indictment of such – self-interest makes the world go round – but it’s not for me. It’s an investment of time and subversion of intention I could do without.

Time to talk about how I intend to try and make my resolution a reality.


Thanks to a very good friend, I am currently using a very pleasant little tool to pull my horrific horde of notes from my Doom Binder into something approaching a sensible and cataloged order.
I teased this a bit at the end of last year when I showed off a new iteration of Hevna’s world map on Twitter:

Flat Map
Hevna World Map

It’s still not entirely finished, but near as nevermind and I’m really pleased with it. The thing that made me actually buckle back down with this, though, is a little site called The Homebrewery (https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/)

I came across this thanks to my good friend Nick, who plays a Genasi cleric in Dungeons and Dragon’s 5th Edition. His Dungeon Master, the lovely Simon over at Chaotic Neutral Games (https://www.twitch.tv/chaoticneutralgames/videos  Streaming every Thursday at 8pm GMT, or on Twitter @games_neutral) uses Homebrewery for his campaign.
Nick threw it at me, and while I may not be a DnD 5th fan myself, the utility and polished finish Homebrewery gives to personal modules and writing work definitely put me back in my creative zone.

Sample PDFA sample page from my forays into Homebrewery and its awesomeness.

With such a pretty looking polish on my work, rather than the very bland and non-uniform nature of my handwritten notes, this Christmas season has been a pleasure to work over, and I’ve even tidied up a few inconsistencies in my world building I hadn’t noticed before.

Goals for 2019

I like to keep my goals reasonable, as I’ve said. So for 2019, my basic goal is to produce one page per day on my compendium, via, Homebrewery, while taking weekends off.
A page a day is no tough feat, and I intend to let myself have the liberty in the generation of using stock images to complete the compendium until it is finished.

Once the written work is all done, and layout set down, I will then spend the rest of the year working on generating my own artwork to replace stock images and finish the work, especially as my husband bought me a new tablet for Christmas, to replace my old and dying Bamboo 4. May it rest in peace!

Now, on top of this, I also intend to continue running an in-depth Shadowrun 5th Edition game I started in November. Like all things Cyberpunk dystopia, it’s a convoluted story that needs a ton of maps and other prep work for each session, AND I’m writing the parties adventures up as a full story at the same time.
Finally, I have the first book of my trilogy to fully edit and finish. I would love to be in the position at the end of 2019 to publish it online at last, for whatever that may mean to the world.

Updates through the Year

I’m going to try to keep to three posts a week scheduled this year. With the Compendium project, I should have plenty of material to update the website to finally be the resource for Hevna I want it to be, and thus something to talk about, even briefly, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

I will also be adding an ‘Other Projects’ section at some point to allow me to share some of the other things I do with my time, be it DnD artwork, Shadowrun writing, or experiences with other writing tools like Aeon Timeline. I also live in a truly stunning place now, and while I am FAR from a professional photographer, there are some sights in my area it’s impossible to take a bad picture of, or not want to talk about.

If nothing else, it will give me plenty to keep me busy when my husband deploys later this year, and some concrete goals to work towards in the meantime. I hope to be patting myself on the back this time next year, on account of having succeeded in these plans, but time will tell!


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and great new years eve, here’s to making 2019 our best year yet!



WordPress seems to be giving me image and formatting issues, so apologies for any problems on this post. I assume it’s all to do with the new editor coming out, which I will have to learn to use (*insert screaming here*).
Good chance of a new site format as the year goes on, and my pages expand!

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