Experiences of Writing

To NaNoWriMo and Back


20181028_130042.jpgNew house, in time for Halloween!

What a chaotic two months it’s been. Our move is finally complete, bar claiming for some damaged goods… which sadly includes my PC, hence the silence for the last couple of weeks.
But, we are now settled into our new home and familiar with the local community and returning to some semblance of normal. I am of course missing my social circle from Florida, and is always the way for me… writing helps with my mental strain.

It’s that time of year again – NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth is here, and I am hoping to unofficially take part as I have the last couple of years. The difference this year? I intend to directly post my work here to be seen as I attempt to bash out the concept for a new story.

20181027_174236.jpgWriting. That thing to do when not carving pumpkins…

This isn’t the only change on my list, however. While Hevna’s stories are the backbone of my creative endeavors, they are far from all I do or create. While traveling, I have been debating a website overhaul to allow me to showcase everything I enjoy making instead of only Hevna’s related works.
I’m thinking of working on a full overhaul in December and resurrecting an old title for my works I had applied to me half my lifetime ago. More details on that as I get there though!


For now, please enjoy this image from my last week of work, in the form of a dear friends’ current Dungeons and Dragons character.
Tomorrow, I will be posting about my NaNo project, including blurb and opening!

Farewell Final

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