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Hurry Up and Wait

My husband is military, which means certain parts of our lives are dictated by the faceless messy mass that is the US Navy.

I’m not complaining. My better half could not possibly have landed a more cushy and amenable military role if we had tried, and/or bribed an awful lot of officials, not to mention that we have comfortably lived in Florida for three years now with nothing but benefits to our lifestyle.

All that said, and without any intention to imply hardships worse than those just about anyone else suffers daily, it’s been a bit of a wobbly year, entirely embodied by the saying ‘hurry up and wait’.

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The Point of this Post

After a surprising upset to our assumptions and plans at the start of summer, we have gone from months of uncertain thumb twiddling to all of the news all at once.
We now know not only the guarantee for the next few years of employment for the husband, but exactly what he will be doing, with what squadron, where, for how long, and what sort of jet-setting that is likely to include.

Oh, and we’re moving in a month.
Now, as someone who likes to have some idea of what is coming and what to expect (yes, I’m a Cancer star sign, how did you know?), it’s very nice to know exactly what I should be panicking about at last, even if I am now doing an impression of The Scream by Edvard Munch at how much I need to get done before then.

We’re heading to Whidbey Island, Seattle, which is about as far as we could possibly be sent that isn’t Hawaii, Alaska, or abroad. We’re very excited, there will be a road trip to get there, and the future is looking good.


What this has to do with Writing

I’m a naturally anxious person, it seems, and while I like to think I can manage at least pretending to know what I’m doing most of the time, there is always some little fire going on in my brain and no extinguisher in sight.

Not knowing quite was going to happen this year has definitely affected my writing. I have been much slower, Hevna has taken a back burner to a much darker work to reflect my moods, and even my periphery work such as maps and art has suffered.
I don’t consider this an entirely bad thing, seeing as I have still been busy in my own way, but it can be frustrating knowing what is wrong and not being able to fix it.

Now I have some answers and projections, I can already feel my fickle muse, that dastardly mental minx of mine, returning to form.
Moving to Seattle will put me within driving distance of the very thing that caused Hevna to exist in the first place – Mount St Helens.
With a degree of weight taken off my shoulders, I feel like aether ships should be all over the place once again, and that it’s high time I decide how Anka wraps up her saga.

I want to be working on all of my Hevna projects at once, and the old excitement is coming back. This is a wonderful thing, even if I know I won’t start on any of it until this winter, once the move is complete.
I have too many real-world responsibilities I have to commit to until then. Our house needs leaving in the best condition for whoever moves in next. I have serious work to do to put the garden back to its prime, as I have done very little out there this year (bad me). There will also be a need to clean out things we need to get rid of, and then…

…saying goodbyes.
We have loved living here and it will be very sad to move on, despite our excitement. I take some solace though in knowing the experience will improve my writing. Adventure is a great thing, but as all the greatest writers know, it comes with costs. even the simplest and happiest of adventures means leaving somewhere, or someone, behind. Whether for a long time, or a short time, that has emotional weight.


Still. Big exciting changes coming, and a renewed spirit for my projects. It can’t be a bad thing.

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