Experiences of Writing

Strange Room

I like to be comfortable when I write. It’s one of the many procrastination distractions I get into, as most writers seem to.

Cup of tea? Check.
Hot water bottle for whatever bit of me is aching today? Check.
Chocolate or cake snack of some kind? Check.
Favorite blanket and pillow pile to lean on? Check.
Boot laptop, open Scrivener, headphones on and off we go.

Most of the time, I achieve all of this in my bedroom. It’s secluded at the far end of the house and I’m not disturbed on days we have company over if I want to work.
It is my safe place, my shell, my little cave to go hide in and lose myself in my own little world(s).

Which is why it’s been interesting to turn that on its head over the last week.


Changing Routine

I’m not great with change. It’s not that I abhor it, or even really resist it (managed to move 5k miles from home, which kind of says I can handle a fair amount), but I’m never comfortable when I’m mid-change or waiting. I get antsy.
It’s a little easier to handle though when the changes are ones I brought about myself.

I blogged a few days ago about acquiring a 3D printer for our home, our very own replicator. This was something I pressured my other half into somewhat, but he loves it as much as I do now we have it, so it’s been a really exciting week with this new piece of technology.
Best bit of all came yesterday when we were able to show off the things we had made for our current favorite game, Gaslands, to our gaming group. I even walked out of the store with a series of orders of things people want to work my way through.

But the big thing with 3D printing is the commitment of time it requires. Even just a pair of small crates to use as terrain on a game board can take five hours to run off, and the printer is using power throughout that time. Couple this with the usual day or two of tweaking and tinkering to get the calibrations on the machine juuuuust right, and suddenly you’ve spent a whole week babysitting a clever robot in a totally different room of the house to normal.

It’s been a bit strange.

WorkspaceCurrent workspace in my odd room.

The Strange Room

When we moved into our current home, there were three of us taking up two bedrooms, so we decided to go for a three-bed house so we would have a spare room for guests.
After my lovely sister-in-law moved out to go to college (and work for NASA, cos being cool and nerdy runs in both mine and my husband’s families), we had two spare rooms.

The middle room serves as our most well-used guest room. It has more furniture and space in it, and it just generally better set up for comfort, which left our back room rather neglected for the last year.
After I came back from England, I decided to turn it into our exercise room, and seeing as it has plenty of open space and no one bothering the back corner, it seemed the best place to put our 3D printer so it wouldn’t be disturbed.

And except for when I’ve been asleep, I’ve been in that room for the last week. The upsides have ranged from doing more weight lifting than usual thanks to being next to the weights all the time to a new breath of interest in my own writing (when not swearing at the clever robot).
A change is as good as a rest, they say, and the different scenery certainly seems to have my creativity moving in different directions.

I’ve also been able to indulge more of my hobbies, as this room has table space for painting the things I print, so when I’ve needed some time to think about what I’m writing, I’ve spent the time thinking while painting.
I also have a proper sound system in here that doesn’t require me to use headphones, which might save me from going deaf, which’d be nice. (We have a Wii with Wii-fit which helps me with my posture, hence a tv and sound system in a gym room).

I also seem to have been sleeping better, which is something I appreciate maybe more than anything else. Failing to drop into a deep sleep because I’m thinking about my writing is fine, but I was getting tired of a silly pattern I had fallen into of waking up after an hour convinced something in the house was wrong, for no reason.


I guess today’s post is therefore all about agreeing with a piece of advice for once. If you need a break, a change, an influx of your creative energy… try working somewhere completely different. It seems to be working for me!

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