Experiences of Writing


I’m one of the many of us out there who sees family as one of the most important things in the whole world.

This may seem a little odd, seeing as I decided to move about 5,000 miles away from my family when I married, and I’m hardly the best person in the world at keeping in touch. Nevertheless, family is critical to who I am, and thus of course to my writing.

FamilyMy awesome UK family (most of them, anyway!), courtesy of the talented Earl Dashiell

Growing up, I was somewhat unusual among my peers at school in that I not only knew all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents but could also walk to most of their houses. My grandparents on my mothers’ side, in particular, formed part of my life, especially once we all moved to Bracknell. I could climb the back fence of my garden/yard, drop down the other side and then run down two roads to be at their front door.

I knew my relatives, and I never ever lacked for love or value growing up. What was given to me then, is important to me now. Especially as lots of my family are avid readers, as are the lovely members I inherited along with my awesome husband 🙂

I’m currently visiting as many of my loved ones as I can while in the UK. I’ve been out and about like a lunatic for the last week or so, barely staying still long enough to sleep. So far, I’ve only got a couple of uncles and cousins I haven’t seen yet, and I must have drunk enough tea to sink the Titanic in that time. It’s been wonderful.

Mum and MomUK Mum and US Mom. Both teachers, both awesome, both much loved!

Family In Writing

I love my family. They aren’t perfect, everyone has their flaws, but we’re far from a dysfunctional bunch and I can see so much of myself in each member of my bloodline. The result is I can see how nurture affects who a person might be as an adult, and try to keep that in mind when I write.

Family always matters to my characters. Whether it’s Kez, with his tragic family issues, or Anka who may or may not feel reconciled with hers by the end of her tale, family matters.

Even my orphan characters, Leona and Verind, both have thoughts on family that help shape them. In the case of Leona, this comes from just how she lost her family when she was young and her memories of them, and for Verind it’s all about who he chose to look up to in place of the parents he never knew.

Family is one of the greatest assets we have as individuals to feeling valued and finding self-worth. I wish everyone could have a family as present in their lives as I have had, and the same degree of love and encouragement.

Without them, I know I wouldn’t be half as creative as I am, or as keen to write.
And that’s my excuse for a lack of updates since I left on my vacation – the family I want to write for are distracting me from writing!


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