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Unplanned Breaks

So, it’s Friday and I know I need to make a post. That’s my self-imposed schedule, and I know if I skip a day for some reason, I will make excuses to do so in the future.

But I didn’t go to bed until 4am, I’m still trying to finish my map of Nyret after having a busy, busy day yesterday… and my Minx has fled regarding my site.


Back before I renovated┬áthe site at the beginning of the year, I posted a brief thought on my ‘mental minx’.
It is my version of a ‘muse’, my font of ideas and focus. I’m pretty certain it’s a stoat or a weasel or something with a horrible sense of humor and timing.
Sometimes, I’m totally focused on a project and things clip along… and then the minx will either get distracted or find something equally exciting I could also be doing (usually another writing project, I rarely skive off from writing as a whole).
Some days, there is also writer’s block, as I understand it, but that’s a topic for another day when I can dedicate proper mental resources to it.
I suppose overall my tiredness, the ongoing allergies-induced headaches of the last two weeks and anxiety about everything I have coming up throughout April means today is an unplanned day off.
I hate breaking my routine because I don’t trust myself not to fall into bad habits or a more ‘lazy’ pattern. On the other hand, I am very aware of the dangers of burn out, and that it is much better to take breaks when needed than end up in the much longer rest demanded by sheer exhaustion.

So, here is a short, uninformative post for today reminding and encouraging you all to work hard, play hard, and rest well. Take a break, catch a nap, and keep being awesome.

I’ll be back on Monday and I WILL have that new map up before today ends!

3 thoughts on “Unplanned Breaks”

  1. I completely understand your dilemma. I was sick recently and doing a blog that involves drinking I just wasn’t feeling it! Lol! Sometimes we just need to take some time for ourselves and then we can kick our butt into gear later! I mean… that’s what Monday’s are for!!


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