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Welcome to Hevna

And we are live! New site layout, new content, new posting schedule, and most importantly, new ethos. Hello to one and all, and welcome to Hevna.

Let’s start off simply, with a little about just what kind of a site this is, who on earth I am, and what is Hevna.

Who am I?

EarlProfilePhotoAwesome photograph credit to Earl Dashiell.

Without wasting time just copying my ‘about’ page, let me sum up by saying my name is Leanne French, nice to meet you, and I’m an aspiring author.

I grew up in the UK, moved to the USA in my early 30’s after marrying my husband, and I now live in Florida as a combination house-wife, gardener, cook, writer and manager of junior officers (at least in terms of providing beds, laundry and snacks. And common sense, usually with a degree of blunt force).

I’ve worked in multiple fields, traveled to many places and now I’m hoping to write fantasy stories compelling enough to take readers to exotic locales too. Hopefully, my on-going blog and world-building will give you some insight into the joys of writing, and the weird world inside my head.

What’s this site all about?

For me, this blog initially started as just a corner of the internet to post about my progress through both NaNoWriMo’17 (National Novel Writing Month) and my efforts to finish my first couple of books. This all started out with the intention of family and friends being able to check in here, without me flooding Facebook with my wittering… but instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find strangers joining me.

After joining a writing group online, I realized I have the ability to reach (and hopefully entertain!) a larger audience. To that end, you are now looking at the new-and-improved website dedicated to all things Hevna, my world of fantasy, with a Steam aesthetic.

The site is about opening a portal into the setting I have created, detailing some of its myths and mysteries, as well as providing an honest first-person experience of becoming a writer, including my eventual success or failure. My intent is purely to offer a snapshot of my aspirations, of my imaginations and of my experiences… hopefully to the amusement of all who stop by.

So, what is Hevna?

Space Banner
Hevna is a fantasy setting, in the form of a planet orbiting the star Maris. Similar to Earth, Hevna is a living, breathing world filled with myriad life, continents, seasons, events and stories with an added dash of imagination.

Hevna has more than one sentient species, and is currently at the tail end of its own Industrial Revolution, in the mid 1800’s. This means the setting offers a Steam Age level of technology, but with one major difference – Hevna possesses a unique form of energy, a fifth potential form of matter. The locals call it ‘aether’, but you and I can quietly call it ‘magic’ when they aren’t listening. Aether often drives or features in my plots, and has had an interesting effect on the evolution of species over the millennia.

Ultimately, Hevna is a place where I can tell the kind of stories I myself enjoy, with some more creative freedom than in a more ‘real’ setting. It is the framework around which I hang my own thoughts, interests, feelings, and desires. I hope some part of what you read will resonate with your own experiences, and highly encourage exploring the ‘World’ page for more specific information on Hevna and its physical make-up, which will be steadily growing as time goes on and I add to its content.

Who is Hevna aimed at?
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While my writing is not specifically aimed at any one narrow band of ages or experiences (and may be beyond younger readers), I write what I feel and am passionate about. So far, my alpha readers range in age from the Tweens to the Sixties, so I hope there is some appeal for casual reading over a large range of ages.

Most importantly, my work is aimed at lovers of imagination, potential, history, adventure and satisfying endings. While I wouldn’t say good always defeats evil in my work, I know I actively try to write some ‘fairness’ into my work, in contradiction to a real world that feels increasingly mad to me in the present day.

While I write with Victoriana in mind, I keep my prose open and easy to read, including dialogue, and seek only to entertain and lift you, for a brief time, to another world. I truly hope I achieve this, and you find some pleasure in my words. I can think of nothing that would make me happier.

Try a short story, see what you think, and if it suits you, I hope you’ll stay for the whole journey!

And finally…

For my kind readers here from the beginning, please be patient with me as I begin to build the pages referenced here. I intend to flesh the site out organically over time, meaning there will always be something new to see every weekday (though I’m giving myself weekends off!) and in time, the site will become its own encyclopedia of Hevna.

My intended schedule is as follows:

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: New blog posts. These will mostly deal with my experiences of writing and actually creating the Tales of Hevna, and the wider view of the writing world and publishing industry as I encounter it. I will also, in time, use the Blog to talk about my favorite authors, books, and other media.

Tuesdays and Thursdays: World Building posts. These will be additions to the World page, whether in the form of maps or short stories or art of characters and locations. You’ll know when these have gone live, and where, by Tweets on the home page. Which leads me to…

Weekends, Vacations & Twitter: Weekends are my days off. Being a tremendous nerd as I am, I like to have Saturday’s free to go to my local comic/games store, and Sundays to chill out with some good old video games. This means that on weekends, or during my vacations, the site will not update (I will warn before this happens, though!).

Regarding Twitter, you can expect at least one Tweet a day on the home page, letting you know either what new post has gone live in the World section, or my personal progress on my goals, such a daily word count, or chapter progress in my current manuscript.

Any way you choose to interact with the site (and thank you for your time and attention if you do!), there should always be something to see, or read.

Did I miss something you want to know more about off the list? Drop me a line, or leave a comment! I love hearing from readers!

Welcome to Hevna! The inhabitants and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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